Album Review: “Purple” Stone Temple Pilots

STP’s 1994 sophomore record came at the height of their career three years after the release of “Core”, their debut album. “Purple” has since been their most commercially impressive album, selling nearly 6 million units over since it’s release with two singles (“Interstate Love Song” & “Vasoline”) staying number one on the billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks. Purple has long been STP’s definitive album at the very peak of their career.

 “Purple” Album cover

Produced by Brendan O’Brian and engineered by Nick DiDia, who both recorded STP’s debut album with massive success. Brendan has received accolades from the band for being so critical to the creative process of such a sonically sound and consistent album. Robert and Dean Deleo are credited with the large majority of songwriting, with Weiland and Kretz credited with “Vasoline”.

Related image
Dean Deleo (L), Robert Deleo (M), and Eric Kretz (R) in Producer Bredan O’Brien’s house

Critique of “Purple” has been universally positive, with little to criticize in terms of audio quality or mixing. The only true “critique”, which ends up being more a backhanded compliment, is that I wish the album was longer, although a 46 minute album is more than enough for most to enjoy.

Image result for stone temple pilots recording purple
Initial artwork for “Purple” entitled “12 Gracious Melodies

I was familiar with STP’s classic “Interstate Love Song” and “Vasoline” as singles on the radio as most are, but I decided to truly give the album a proper listen after really enjoying their debut fully. Purple was not only as good, but much more meticulously crafted than “Core”, the tones of the album stayed consistent throughout the entire experience. The band’s delivery never felt anything less than genuine, but did not lack professionalism and clean playing.

Image result for stone temple pilots live on letterman
STP performing “Unglued” in 1994 on the David Letterman Show

It is difficult to remain unbiased as an STP fan, but I believe a solid 4/5 is fair as most fans would agree that this is the pinnacle of the band’s musical achievements. With really no drawbacks for me I would consider this a perfect album and must listen if you are fan of any 90’s alt rock, grunge, modern rock, country, etc. . .



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