Yamaha THR10 Desktop Modeling Amp

After around roughly a year or two of practice through this 10-Watt modeling amp equipped with two 3×5 inch speakers, I can say that this has become easily one of my favorite amps I’ve ever had the privilege of playing.

Although it is a very tiny amp, the THR10 has easily enough true head room to be taken seriously in a lower volume jam session. What the THR cannot make up for in terms of volume, it matches with insane versatility and ease of use. The THR can be powered through an 8 pack of AA batteries, or a 10 volt direct cable. One factor that could be important to a beginning musician is that the amp can act as an audio interface, meaning that the THE could be used in place of having to mic up an amp that would run through a traditional audio interface, and would also eliminate the frustration of trying to fool around in a DAW with amp simulators.

The THR includes 8 presets: Clean (Fender Twin Reverb), Crunch (Fender Bluesbreaker), Lead (Vox AC30), Brit Hi (Marshall JCM800), Modern (Mesa Dual Rectifier), Bass (clean bass channel), Flat (DI channel), and Acoustic (clean acoustic channel). This on it’s own provides hours upon hours of versatile, fun, and tight tones to play around with, all at bedroom volume level. This hasn’t even began to mention the THR editor avaliable for any computer that adds the ability to tweak the individual setting of each effect: Compressor (rack or pedal), Reverb (Spring, Hall, Room, Plate), Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, and Tremolo.

I really cannot say enough about this tremendous Yamaha creation, they have really hit the mark with bedroom players like myself who lack the ability to crank a 100-Watt Marshall stack to achieve a great tone. This is the most

Yamaha THR10

fun amp I have ever played and hope to be able to try their different models soon.

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