Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review

Les Paul Standard Pro II

As a lovely Christmas present, I received this 2018 Ebony Les Paul Standard and immediately fell in love with it.

As someone who has never owned a Les Paul before, I did my research as to know which Les Paul would fit my specifications. The most important of which was neck size and shape. My LP came with a 60’s style slim taper D shape, which was ideal for my small hands.

Sadly, the big trade off between a Gibson and Epiphone is that you do not receive the set neck design of the higher end guitars, the glued neck design does result in a lack of stiffness and tuning stability. Tuning stability is notoriously bad with LP style Head stocks, but is extremely present with the Epiphone. I spend a considerable amount of time tuning my G and B strings only have them knocked down a whole step when I strum too hard.

The quality of the guitar, especially for the money, is not to be under appreciated. The PAF Alnico Classic Hum buckers absolutely scream through high gain while the neck pickup has an extremely smooth, round tone that’s great for clean rhythm or Jazz.

With a proper set up, this line of LP’s is probably the best for the money. Extremely versatile and modern, but paying homage to the traditional Les Paul legacy.


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