Ibanez AC240 Artwood Grand Concert Acoustic Review

Image result for ibanez ac240

The Ibanez AC240 Artwood Grand Concert Acoustic is the Ibanez approach of blending the classic Grand Concert body with a wide neck, with the modern styling of artwood mahogany.

In my experience with jam sessions and overall practice, the guitar sounds beautiful with a punchy mid range and plenty of low-end. For recording the guitar lacks sustain compared to higher end acoustics of the same body type, but overall a general EQ and compression can easily allow this guitar to fit into a professional sounding mix.

Playability is very maximal, especially after a professional setup. My guitar came setup from Ibanez with the bridge and saddle height adjusted perfectly, requiring only tightening of the tuning pegs.

For any player worried about tuning stability, with a set of 12’s this guitar has some of the greatest tuning stability of any guitar I’ve ever used.

I would definitely put this guitar at the top of any budget list. An absolutely solid purchase for any guitarist looking to upgrade from a poor quality acoustic. Unless gigging is extremely frequent, this guitar will hold up with frequent use and abuse.


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