The Rock Star Overdose Epidemic

It’s no secret the music industry has been plagued with celebrity overdoses, from the infamous 27 club to the more recent overdoses of Scott Weiland, Prince, Tom Petty, and Mac Miller. The argument is made that society is still largely failing a growing overdose crisis. There are many causes that have been presented as almost inevitable opportunities for one to fall into the chasm of addiction in the music scene.

Most drugs addictions are simply a result of their environment, this is especially true in the case of musicians who are indefinitely guaranteed to be surrounded by addictive substances. With that scene of junkies, dealers, and users one who’s insecure and vulnerable can easily be persuaded into using drugs or alcohol as a mechanism to cope with intense pressure of live performance. In the more successful end of the spectrum, the musicians who have “made” it fall victim to having an almost disposable income, drugs and alcohol become completely inexpensive and readily available at dangerous volumes.

It is unfortunate that as music progresses, so to does the overdose count of so many of the most talented individuals to be thrown into the spotlight. Controlled substances may forever plague the music industry as an inevitable dark side, but hopefully the musicians of the future can learn to avoid the same unfortunate mistakes that the victims of drug addiction made in their pasts.

Image result for famous musicians before and after drug addiction
Amy Whinehouse, after alcohol recovery and relapsing after 6 months sober

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