Dean Deleo: Most Underrated Innovator of the 90’s Alternative Scene and His Top 7 Solos

7. Silvergun Superman (Stone Temple Pilots) 

Starting the list is Dean’s longest solo from STP’s second studio album “Purple”. Dean’s signature massive lead tone with his fully driven preamp is ever-present in this lengthy outro solo. One of Dean’s flashier solos, it shows his sense of melody and rhythm, without straying from the albums signature sound.



6. Hello Hello (Talk Show)

Dean’s first trip with the STP instrumentalists with a new singer came with an album full of unique solos. Deleo used the new identity of Talk Show to layer his solos with a completely different sound, but keeping his core style the same. This nearly nonsensical solo is completely layered with a wah (an effect Deleo uses quite sparingly when recording) all the way through. It’s refreshing for Dean to really change up his work, and draw on some very different influences in his playing.


5. I Got You (Stone Temple Pilots) 

The outlier of this entire list, Dean’s solo from their fourth studio album “No.4” is completely country inspired. With even a brief slide fill, this solo meets the standards of an extremely melodious country blues solo.


4. Between The Lines (Stone Temple Pilots)

From STP’s self titled album, and last studio recording with Scott. Dean summoned his inner shredder and went all out in one of my personal favorites to play. The experience and practice of the years of Deleo’s guitar playing really shined on his final album with Scott.


3. Vasoline (Stone Temple Pilots)

Dean summoned his inner Jimmy Page in what is arguably STP’s largest commercial success. One his faster solos, Deleo shows that his speed does not come unwarranted, it comes along with dissonant arpeggios of his signature interesting chord voicings.


2. Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart (Stone Temple Pilots) 

Easily the most catchy of any STP tune with Robert’s most recognizable and appreciated bassline. The most interesting blues inspired riff comes after the second chorus and Dean comes all in. Wacky (in the most positive sense) could describe this solo that goes absolutely all over the fretboard. In the live performances, Dean’s passion and energy is unrelenting and is carried out through the entire solo.


1. And So I Know (Stone Temple Pilots) 

Probably the most underrated song in the entire discography of STP, so too is Dean’s solo. Coming at the top ranking is a solo that I believe shows the entirety of Deleo’s jazz influence. Sadly live performances are sparse, but the entirety of the studio recorded version is just as stellar.


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